BitcoinPOS is a service which enables restaurants, onlineshops and everyone else to accept Bitcoin without fees. Just use your smartphone or tablet!

make it easy! 
make Bitcoin payments free!
make it accountable! 
help the unbanked! 
make you independent! 


Easy to use and secure

No accepting fees

Be your own bank

Woocommerce Integration

Lightning possible

CSV Export for Accounting


We are offering customised packages for everyone. Send us a brief message to get more information.

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Services starting at

CHF 699
  • What we offer:
  • BitcoinPOS Box for being your own bank
  • Accept Bitcoin + Lightning Payments
  • Local Store or E-Commerce
  • Bitcoin Marketing Package
  • Consultancy Package
  • Lightning Workshop
  • Bitcoin Workshop
  • (Hardware) Wallets


We provide the fully pre-configured BitcoinPOS Box, which can be configured by yourself or with our help.

This Box allows to accept Bitcoin without fee and invoicing for accounting.

The box contains a full Bitcoin node; if ordered we can also help you running a lightning node.

Your payments are not received by the BitcoinPOS Box. Let’s assume the unfortunate event that box having a malfunction, this wouldn’t affect your funds. Funds are received by a seperate Bitcoin wallet of your choice. We can provide help setting up a Bitcoin wallet.

Be your own bank and payment processor by using our BitcoinPOS Box.

You can create several Points of Sale and integrate it in your online shop or local shop.

We try to customize our service for every customer to get the best result. Send us a message!

If you have any questions regarding our pricing or you are a charity organisation feel free to contact us. We also offer special services for crowdfunding – reach out to us!

We offer education packages for our customers. Depending on the size of our partners, we also provide enterprise solutions for bigger companies!

Yes, if you want lightning we will integrate it with you.

If you don’t choose a monthly subscription package you don’t pay a monthly fee! All will be covered in your one-time-payment.

Yes this is possible with our solution, just send us a message.

Yes this is possible with our solution, just send us a message.

Why Bitcoin?

BitcoinPOS in comparison to common POS providers. Accepting Bitcoin results in much lower fee turnover. 

Indeed the volatilty is high when it comes to Bitcoin,  



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